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He no longer had to pass them off as Venus, but in some ways they were presented as if they were mythological beings, situated and coiffed and made-up (even airbrushed) to a perfection that is all but impossible for mortals.And such women, the invisible message told, were only sexually available to male gods. The popularity of Playboy, which was truly his personal vision, in spreading a cultivated, elegant idea of what it was to be a guy (or, as he would have preferred, a “gentleman”), made what was featured in the magazine reverberate throughout American, and subsequently international, concepts of the cool.

Free mature porn videos and online dating - Even if they are BBWs, ebonys, blondes or brunettes, the ladies from our free mature collection are all able to make you cum with their hot cunts and crazy sex skills.Art history often presented the excuse that, if the classical artists did it (meaning largely ancient Athenian sculptors, who inspired Roman copyists, and it was the Roman copies that were best-known to Renaissance artists and thinkers), then it was “kosher” to do.Thus ancient depictions of Venus, in marble and idealized (crucially without pubic hair) made the subject acceptable, and were adapted into Renaissance oil paintings with the title "Reclining Venus" or "Sleeping Venus" (consider examples by dozens of artists, including Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Poussin, Velazquez, Lucas Cranach, Correggio, you name it), or variations like Botticelli’s "Birth of Venus." These were paintings loaded with symbolism, but built around the excuse to paint a beautiful naked lady.And yet this is considered OK if the female is a) idealized and b) excused as a mythological picture, therefore not of a “real” person.

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But some of the owners of paintings of nude Venuses admitted, indirectly, to the “naughtiness” of owning such a picture: Some pictures were fitted with curtains, so they could be covered up and out of sight until the viewer wished to show them to his friends (which I imagine as accompanying both admiration and perhaps giggles) or to enjoy them “privately” (let’s be frank here — this was sometimes very high-end whacking material).

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